Beyonce Ain't Anna Mae...Jay Z Is


DISCLAIMER:  This blog post is riddled with explicit language, therefore, the following is for mature adults only...which probably doesn't mean you.   I  wish I didn't have to write this, but in light of art being kicked out of schools, this must be written if only to help prevent the wild-eyed, lynch mob from launching yet another misguided, virtual attack.


Florentine Gardens

As young person growing up in Los Angeles, Florentine Gardens was the premeire dance club of that time.  It was featured every week on KIIS FM and Power 106, and like every other preteen, I could not wait until I was old enough to attend-- heck, I wanted to sneak in!  As, I grew older, however, my fansination with that club waned, but the music that reminds me of Forentine Gardens makes me burst out in laughter because it is of a time and place long gone but still dear to my heart. Here's a taste, enjoy!


Digital Download Trivia (pt. 2)


This funky, fun 1981 classic by Frankie Smith moves you uptown and downtown via a boogieing mass transport system named after a jumping school yard game.  Miss it and you will have to walk to work, Sugar.  Name the tune.


Re:Generation Music Project


The Re:Generation Music Project documentary is spearheaded by the Grammys and teams top DJs with classic genres and sees what happens.  The first time I heard of the Re:Generation concept was a few years ago when I came across the Re:Generations Nat King Cole album and fell in love.  I am a great fan of the original Nat King Cole songs and the remixes were, to me, phenomenal, but I do think you have to start with an open mind.

Brazil - Escola de Samba


On of my most wonderful experiences is Carnival 2004 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I can't stress the amount of fun and adventure that I had being in such an interesting place with wonderful people who know how to party, terrific food and wonderful sites. Many things about Brazil are part true, part myth and you would have to experience it yourself to discern which is which.


Digital Download Trivia (pt. 1)


This band's distress signal is a call to action to slow down and enjoy life... Released in 1980, it was certified platinum, number one on the R&B charts and number three on the pop charts. Sampled by Birdman in his song Baby You Can Do It and by Father MC in Close to You, this song stills inspires booty shaking and music producers today. Can you name the band and the song?


Siedah Garrett

Siedah Garrett pictured with Michael Jackson

One of my favorite singer/songwriters is Siedah Garrett.  She has collaborated with some of the most talented people in the music business including Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. I find the music she is associated with ranges from the wonderfully inspirational, MAN IN THE MIRROR and TOMORROW to the seductively sexy, I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU and SECRET GARDEN.  Below is a little tribute (including my favorite lyrics) to the songstress who sometimes gets overshadowed by the "big names" she has worked with.


Honey Love & Sixty Minute Man


Drifters and Dominoes

I am always tickled when people admonish the youth of today's music choices as being too this or too that, usually too sexual, while extolling the classics as having "class and respect." Well, here are two songs that quetstion that notion. First, a song by the Drifters that hit number one on the R&B charts in 1954 called Honey Love which had mildly suggestive lyrics and next the song Sixty Minute Man by the Dominoes released in 1951.  Again, there is no doubt about what Sixty Minute Man is talking about, and because of this, it was banned by some radio stations.  However, this did not stop the song from being a crossover hit on both the R&B and Pop charts.  Both songs are also a look at the early sound of Rock 'n' Roll as the lyrics in Sixy Minute Man suggests and part of the reason Rock 'n' Roll was given the moniker the "Devil's music" in its day.  I grew up listening to these songs and would chuckle every time I heard them as I started to realized just what they were talking about.  So before you admonish the booty shaking lyrics of today's music, take a listen to these two classics...


Tah Theme Song


I was introduced to KT Tunstall through an episode of Grey's Anatomy some years back.  In fact it was the non-acoustical version of this very song that captured me, and I became a fan of her music. This songs embodies the journey I have been on and thus is the appropriate theme song for The Arty Hobo.  I particularly love this version because it is so stripped down and bare. The song is sensual and earthy and if you listen closely you can hear the universe talking to you:-)  Enjoy and check out other songs and projects by KT Tunstall.